Pain and stiffness in the shoulder is a common occurrence for the middle aged and typically prevents a full range of movement. Many conditions can cause pain in the shoulder area. Some are not so dangerous such as simple strains, bruises or arthritis while others are life threatening such as heart attack or major injury.

If you take part in sports such as rugby or cricket it can be hard to avoid overstraining shoulder ligaments.

What to Expect

We will discuss your medical history and record your symptoms in some detail to determine the likely cause of the problem.

  • Pain. Pain can be described as sharp, dull, burning, stabbing or similar to cramp. Pain may be restricted to the shoulder area or associated with neck ache, headache or other pains.
  • Swelling. Dislocation or injury may cause localised or general swelling in the shoulder or arm.
  • Deformity. Abnormal positioning of bony structures may occur if you have a dislocation, ligament tear or a fracture.
  • Change in Feeling. If the nerves are pinched or damaged you may not feel things as normal. You may lose sensation or feel a burning sensation as well as having a feeling numbness.
  • Weakness. This can be caused by the pain of movement or injury to the nerves that supply the muscles. You may find it difficult to carry objects or raise your arm.

We would also look for signs of infection, a feeling of coolness, colour changes and other symptoms. We are trained in medical diagnosis and will always rule out more serious medical conditions before any treatment can start.

Not all shoulder problems are helped by osteopathic treatment. We can help with those shoulder pains associated with musculoskeletal conditions particularly when linked to the back and neck. One such condition is Frozen Shoulder Syndrome which is a painful condition that without treatment can last around three years.

At the end of your visit we may talk to you about improving your posture and your lifestyle to reduce the frequency and severity of your shoulder pain.