There are several reasons for pain felt in the arm or elbow. Arm pain can be reflected pain, where the cause is a pressure on a nerve located in the neck or upper back.

Pain on the elbow is often associated with overuse during sports such as tennis and golf. Tenderness, weakness, reduced motion and fatigue are associated symptoms. Other symptoms include stiffness, tingling, and numbness. Cases of tennis and golfer's elbow result from overuse and can start suddenly or develop slowly over time.

What to Expect

We will discuss your medical history, activities and listen to your description of the pain to diagnose the source.

  • Reflected Pain. Treatment will depend on where the source of the reflected pain is located.
  • Tennis and Golfers' Elbow. We will usually treat the area using deep soft tissue massage to decrease tension and restriction. We would then mobilise the elbow and any scar tissue is broken down.

Where appropriate we will provide you with stretches and advice on resting and protecting your elbow while participating in sporting activities.