If you feel lower back pain that extends into your calf or lower leg then it is likely to be sciatica. Sciatica is the term for symptoms resulting from pressure or other damage to the sciatic nerve. The nerve leaves the spine in the lower back and passes down the leg to the foot.

Sciatica can be due to a single event or can result from gradual wear and tear of the lower back. You may feel tingling or numbness in your leg as well as pain.

Other pain in the leg has different causes such as calf strain and hamstring injury. Pain in the front of the shin is usually linked to overuse of the tissues joining muscle to bones in the area. You may have pain and restricted movement in the knee.

What to Expect

We will tell you if you are suffering from sciatica and identify its probable cause.

Treatment to remove the cause will involve massage and other hands-on techniques to reduce pressure from the sciatic nerve. Increasing the range of motion in your lower back region will help prevent sciatica recurring.

To reduce the risk of trapping the sciatic nerve again we will suggest

  • Improvements to your posture when standing and walking.
  • How to lift heavy objects.
  • The best way to sleep.

If sciatica is not involved we will assess the interaction between different tissues to determine treatment.